Saturday, November 14, 2009


Looking back while I'm moving forward is sometimes an encouraging endeavor and often a surprise as to what I discover. Time can often change my perspective about things that I once thought were cast in stone. I never throw anything away, which makes me a sitting duck at spring cleaning time...and no, you don't want to ask me about storage and inventory unless you want to see my eyes roll back in my head and my tongue loll around in my open mouth...not a pretty sight I assure you. I was looking for a canvas this size to start a painting on and i found this one with a fully realized drawing on it that I had planned to paint probably 18 years or so, I thought that i'd try to see what I could make out of it...a task made more intriguing since I hadn't done a proper dolphin painting in nearly as many years. So, this is what happened...

"Blue Progression" Acrylic on canvas, 48x24". This work is available, so if you are interested, please feel free to view more information at or inquire at

Friday, November 6, 2009

What's with the birds, man?

Ah, the birds. I like them...pick a meaning for them...beautiful, nervous, quick, elegant (and clumsy of you ever watch a pelican touch down)... wonderful shapes and colors. They set my mind to wandering when i see them...flying alone, in squadrons, in gangs diving into a rosemary thicket, tiny finches, turkey buzzards, regal and aloof hawks and boisterous and raucous scrub jays...a bird for every purpose and idea and emotion under the sun. Sometimes they are speeding shapes in the corner of my eye and sometimes huge flocks above the waves feasting on schools of "unfathoming" fishes. So, I'm doing birds in all kinds of whatever venue that seems fitting.

And here is "A Morning Flight" Acrylic on canvas, 15"x30". This painting is available, so if you are interested, please feel free to view more information at or contact me at

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Told You So

Well, i did say that i was sneaking up on a showing and i did. i really dislike the phrase, "I told you so!", it usually follows some personal catastrophe that one is supposed to feel could have been averted if only the "expert" warning had been heeded...Anyway, this time it's all good. I'm showing some of my new work at a local coffee shop, seven pieces that i haven't shown before, and i was afforded an entire wall for them! Life is good. The only thing better than having a wall to hang my paintings on, is a wall to paint one on. One really great upshot of getting these items out there is that i'm tremendously inspired to get more of my backlogged ideas down on canvas and paper. This is a VERY good thing!

So, i'll be posting some of the new work, and i'll do that starting with "Interwoven"...this one meanders like my thoughts, but it's all tied together. the birds theme is very far from being for my first offering...(all of the following until i say "uncle" are available, so if you are interested, please feel free to view more information at or inquire at

"Interwoven" acrylic on canvas "36"x24"