Saturday, July 14, 2007

i dunno...but i do

life is twisty weasel, isn't it?

so, here i sit with a whole boatload of stuff to rant about...and wondering what another ranter will add to the already overcrowded rantatorium. so, i'm not going to rant at all! i think i'll just post a coupla' things and such and you can draw your own conclusionary endings. (oh yeah, don't mind the strange words...i make em up as i go along...whatever is descriptive and sounds reasonable...reasonableness is a quality, along with critical thinking, that seems to be undergoing a drought these days...(maybe the oil companies bought up those rights too?)

Oh, and hey...go check out mark bryan's site (or sight if you will) at ...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

cave paintings II

this is another group of really old werx...across the board...the only significance of these is that for some reason or another, they still fascinate me, if for no other reason, because they are across the board. the two snow sleds were two of the many that i designed in conjunction with my was my job to design the look and still make it work...

cave paintings I

these are definitely cave paintings...pretty vintage wbeckert...all media, acrylic, pen and ink & brush...probably some twig and ink...of course...the really spelunker stuff is photo amazes me where i didn't go when i look at these....

Lore of the Ancient

I ran across these "oldies" when i was looking for slide shots of old and forgotten werx. much insanity...

New Stuff of old stuff

just a bits 'n pieces site for now....we'll see what it develops into over time.